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"Friendship is born the moment one person says to another 'What? You too! I thought I was the only one'" - C.S. Lewis

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quick story about the kiss on the cheek

I wasn’t even planning on buying a Mark Sheppard photo-op but I REALLY wanted to since I found out months ago that he was added to the guest list and what not. But then I kept thinking money and then I thought ‘There’ll be other cons’ and then I find out that Misha had to cancel so Mark Pellegrino took his place and I couldn’t say a NO to that chance so I told myself I’d sacrifice one Mark for the other.

As it turned out, I ended up buying a Sheppard op anyway. So I’m in line and i’m not really nervous at all, just a couple butterflies in my stomach but nothing unbearable and sIGH HE’S SO HANDSOME AND PRECIOUS. Okay so the two girls go in front of me and they asked him if they could kiss him on the cheek for their op and of course he said yeah so blah blah blah that happened.

Then it’s my turn and i’m walking up to him and smiling and i’m extending my hand to give him a handshake and say hi and stuff and then as i’m putting my arm around him and we’re getting ready for the picture he asks me “Do you want to give me a kiss on the cheek too?” and I thought he was just teasin’ so I chuckled and, [I’m a dumbass I know I panicked it’s what I do] I said, “Nah, I’m good. Thanks.”

At that moment I didn’t really notice what had hAPPENED and then right after the picture was taken and as I’m walking away he’s like “alright well I don’t discriminate” and I keep walking and then that’s when i facepalm. My brother was outside waiting for me and i told him and he was, omfg his reaction, he was like “TONY WHAT!” and i was just like ‘JESUS, I KNOW I DON’T KNOW I PANICKED OKAY I SAID NO I PANICKED” and he was shaking his head and called me a dumbass and stupid and then he talked me into buying another photo-op. I was towards the end of the line so i had to make up my mind fast and then I did and I called down a friend from her hotel room, Sarah, b/c i was nervous and din’t want it alone and didn’t want to look stupid b/c i’m going back for another but then i bit the bullet and I thought my friend wasn’t gonna make it in time b/c Sheppard was JUST finishing with the last person so then I run up and ask the lady if they’re still doing ops and she’s like “Yeah! Hurry go in you’re the last one” and he saw me and was like “Hey! It’s you” or something to that effect and then I said, “Okay is it okay if i take you up on that offer earlier? The kiss on the cheek?” and he just shook his head as he smiled and then shrugged and nodded and was all “Sure” and he turned to face the camera and pointed to his cheek with his finger and then voila, there you have the picture.

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